The Process

All of our products are handmade giving you the highest quality of product. We ensure everything that leaves our workshop is fit for our customers to enjoy for years to come. We select quality materials sourced ethically and locally, our timber comes from small saw mills in Cornwall and across England that offer an amazing selection of beautiful wood species. Every board of timber is handpicked by Joel, ensuring it is just right for it's intended use. 

Using natural materials which can be biodegraded is of utmost importance to us we are constantly striving to find new suppliers to create quality pieces. We have minimal wastage and re-use the timber which is left over from larger projects by turning them into products such as chopping boards or coat hooks. 

Detailed design and craft, that's what Studio Haran are all about. We nurture our products from a rough sketch to elegantly detailed finished pieces. Whether it be a bespoke project or a piece from our range, everything we make goes on a design journey involving sketching, computer developed models, renders, prototypes, material samples and lots lots more. 

Our furniture bares sanded to a silky smooth finish and then a natural mineral oil is applied to ensure that the product will repel any accidental stains or water marks. 

We use traditional techniques combined with modern machinery to create a classic style of furniture with a contemporary twist. 

If you want to find out more about how our work is produced and are interesting in visiting us at our workshop please get in touch